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What are?

Garlic granules are granules/flakes of dehydrated finely minced garlic than can be used in recipes and preparations in place of fresh garlic. It is off-white in colour, and free-flowing. Sonnnetor's brand is pure, using organic garlic and without imitation garlic flavour or cheap oils. 

Food as Medicine:

The nutrition and health benefits of dried garlic flakes as an organic food remedy is excellent for blood purifying as a food and an immune system strengthner. Also wonderful as a deconcotion for colds, flus & infections. 

Free From: 

GMO, Dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten, nuts, soya, palm oils, hydrogenated oils, emulsifiers, presevatives, additives, added and mixed sugars, refined sugar, inverse syrups, salt. 

Diet Type Suitability: 

Vegan, vegetarian, sports and high energy requirements, useful fibre, menopause and beauty diet, recovery and rehabilitation diet, allergy free (dairy, gluten/wheat/nuts) diet, diabetic diets, low GI, paleo, sugar free diet

Uses and Recipes: Mash granules into butter in place of fresh minced garlic for garlic bread, use as rub for meats or topping for onion bagels, add to any dish stir fries/marinades/dressings where you like a strong addition of garlic. Add to any oil to make a garlic oil. 

Great With: Olive oil, chili pods, poppy seeds, lemon oil

Food Amusement: Garlic is the great defender with a wealth of mythology and fact attached. From warding off vampires to prohibiting Tibetan monks from entering the monastery if they had eaten it! It was given to Egyptian slaves to keep up their strength and forbidden to yogis for its smell and aphrodiasiac qualities. Known as 'the stinking rose' it is nature's original remedy that has a fascinating but divided reputation in world lore. 

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