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The SuperNatural Food Market offers a complete shopping experience that is very unusual. Stress free, family friendly, community orientated, customer focused and bursting with a large range of healthy, organic wholefoods. We are unusual with respect to putting our customers and the planet’s health first and foremost when choosing our high quality, natural, organic products.

We go that extra mile with our customer service. We select the best value amongst competing brands, giving money saving tips, budget conscious recipes and offering unique services you’ll never find in the supermarket; a discounted bulk ordering system, great for people who need lots of any particular item or are feeding families. We also offer inexpensive refills on eco friendly household cleaners, discounts for the unemployed, old age pensioners and a special volunteering scheme.

We have some extras in terms of stalls. Such as our wonderful Irish farm stalls selling organic and biodynamic vegetables & fruits, as well as organic cheeses, olives and eggs. We have a traditional master baker as well as a bakery specialising in gluten free breads, cakes and pastries. There is a café selling delicious foods and coffee. We have an organic butcher, fishmonger and lots of other foods stalls. It’s indoor too which is another bonus.





Your health is our business.

Your health is our business.

Maybe that’s our secret ingredient, our core values are different. Ultimately we’re about community, environment and education.

And we believe passionately in the health and true wealth of natural foods grown organically. Superfoods defend against cancer, diabetes and a range of other diseases that are all, unfortunately, on the up in the western world. We are all subject to lifestyle and environmental stresses with the result that in today’s world, ‘you are what you eat’ has never been more important.

The link between our well being and what we eat is the single most important one to recognise. We all need to eat more fresh produce and food that has been less processed and has none or very little, salt, sugar, additives and preservatives.

Nutrition has a specially vital role to play in enhancing the quality of our lives, but the quality of that nutrition is dependent on the soil that the food is grown in. This, coupled with how processed it is, has a direct impact on the nutritional levels of that food and it’s taste. Organic is good for you and your environment. So why not tick two boxes at the same time? Shopping for that food should also be a relaxing, healthy experience.

The SuperNatural motto: ‘Shake the hand that feeds you.’

The market is unique in many ways as it encourages people to feed themselves healthily, organically and support small producers at great value. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved and probably accounts for the wonderful, bustling community atmosphere at our market.

We provide customers with choices that are in their interests. Those choices are healthy in every way, nutritionally, financially and environmentally. We encourage people to ask questions and educate themselves about, nutrition, ingredients and health and to see the big picture as to what they support when they spend their money. It’s your money so you should be getting value for what you spend in terms of quality, price and the long term sustainability of the choice you make.

At The SuperNatural Food Market

SuperNatural - The Organic Food Super-Market in Dublin

SuperNatural - The Organic Food Super-Market in Dublin

Walnuts in beautiful, sealed packaging by Nature

Want a healthier body, more money in your purse, weight loss that lasts and to support sustainable practices? Then get out of thestupidmarket and get down to us. We sell all your organic, cupboard staples minus the salt, sugar, E numbers, pesticides, chemicals and commercial processes most food goes through. As well as eco & human friendly household cleaners, toiletries and refills.

We are less expensive than any other health food store in the city and many of the stupidmarkets too! We also offer nutritional advice and cooking tips to beginners or The Uncertain on pulses, grains, seaweeds etc. Add to this our bulk ordering and speciality requests service, discounts to OAP’s and the unemployed as well as our volunteer scheme and it all adds up to a very unique service.

People knew what to eat long before they heard the word antioxidant. Basically your granny had it right, chickpeas should be just that, not chickpeas pickled in preservatives with anticaking agents and flavour enhancers all in a ‘I -Really-am -just -for- your-convenience’- package that would survive a nuclear winter! Ditto for nearly any other item you care to mention.

You need to cook to be healthy – it’s cheaper and better for you. And for that you need high quality ingredients. Unbleached, organically produced flours. Unadulterated foods. For example real sea and rock salts that contain the full complement of minerals rather than the chemical NaCl put into a plastic bottle and mixed with anti-caking agent and preservatives (YUK) What the hell is an inverted, hydrolised disaccharide anyway? (We know and maybe you don’t wanna know, but you should) And who cooks with ethoxylated triglycerides?

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Just some of our brands are: Fish 4 Ever sustainably fished mackerel, sardines, tuna, salmon and herring. Doves Farm flours, buckwheat flour and brown rice flour, gluten free and low GI foods such as millet grain, quinoa, brown rice and bio fair traded cereals. Sugar free, organic, fruit jams, Irish cold pressed honey. Japanese tamari soya sauce, vinegars, mirin, misos, noodles and other macrobiotic foods. Irish produced oats. Organic vegetable and fruit juices. A range of oils from the yearly ‘primeur’ olive oil to seed oils like sesame, nut oils and omega blends. Raw apple and berry nibble bars. Spelt and rye crackers, Marigold boullion, Kallo stockcubes, Noodle House pastas ( produced in Sligo and the next best thing to fresh) Italian bronze extruded pastas in wheat, spelt and buckwheat. All our own brand pulses, legumes, beans and grains and beautiful biodynamic Sonnentor herbs and spices and more….

Anyhow you get the picture and you can put yourself in it and see how good you can look and feel with real nutrition. There’s no time like the present to start spoiling yourself to the real pleasure of shopping for your food like your’e meant to, communing with other people – after all the word company comes from com and panis -literally breaking bread together and that’s what you’ll be doing when you shop at your community market and bring it home to cook for your family and friends.

Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Be The Change You Want To See In The World