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Dublin's Oldest Continuous Organic Market

St Andrew's Resource Centre on Pearse St has been hosting a weekly organic food market for 27 years and counting! The first market here was The Dublin Food Co Op in 1989. They moved in 2007 and a long time and dedicated customer saw the need to keep this community resource and tradition alive while growing the presence of organic food markets in Dublin. The SuperNatural Food Market was born and continued the work and the need for widespread, ecologically minded, genuine food markets.

Of course we were also different and became Dublin's first, one-stop-shop, indoor organic market. Our producers included fishmongers and butchers as well as farmers and bakers, deli stalls, a cafe and included a full dried goods health food shop. And we continue to evolve and grow over the years, adding innovative producers in luxury, artisan, organic, and speciality foods and diets. 

There is a need for 'alternatives' to become more accessible and become the mainstream. We are delighted to have the opportunity to protect and to develop sustainable living and an important staple of that lifestyle - the organic food market which enables and promotes the way we produce, shop and eat food and the way we interact and create our community. Being the oldest has its advantages and our experience ensures we will continue to help the organic tradition shape the future. 

The SuperNatural Food Market belongs to a long and valuable tradition of connecting people, planet and plate. We are also very proud to be a part of St Andrew's Resource Centre which provides the local community and Dublin City with vital services and benefical resources that empower people. 

Organic Food In Dublin

Organic Food In Dublin

Dublin's Oldest Organic Market