Our Values

The SuperNatural Creed

We're different. We like the ordinary, the basics of life uninterfered with, nature knows what she's doing and we respect that. We know that food poisoned with toxic chemicals or grown and shipped for our consumption by exploiting and impoverishing those producer-societies just isn't good, right or 'convenient'. It will cost us, personally and collectively, dearly, in the long run.

That leaves a bad taste in our mouth.  

We see the extraordinary in the ordinary, the Supernatural in the natural. Holistic isn't just a word, it's a system and we know that our earth, our food and ourselves, our energy, our health and all things that come from it and fuel it are all connected.

There is a link between all things. Sometimes the link is a problem and sometimes it's a solution. We want to be part of the solution for ourselves and for you.  

We believe we can live, learn, work and trade in a not only fair and ethical world but a pleasureable and beautiful one too. To do that we must, as they say, put our money where our mouth is. At SuperNatural that is literally what we do.

We buy and sell pure, unadulterated organic, fairly-grown and traded foods. You vote with your money when you buy the necessary and everyday commodity of food, household items and cosmetics.

You can be part of the solution that says, 'This is what we want, this is what we support. We value our health and other's too, physically, economically and sustainably.' You send that message when you buy organic. We stock large well known brands, small artisan products, health foods and luxury foods. All our foods have pleasure and nutrition in equal measure.

We believe in differences. Biodiversity makes the world go round. Biodiversity in what we grow, what we eat and how we are. Respecting that biodiversity is key to our health and our planet's health. We believe everybody is entitled to the best and that the best doesn't have to cost the earth. We want to save you money and give you the best service.

We believe in supporting micro economy, fairtrade conditions and enriching prices for workers, we believe in family businesses and communities. We believe that you should vote with your money and buy prodcuts that reflect your values and support those values in the long term.

We believe in value and true value for money. We believe in the tried and tested tradition while embracing the cutting edge. We want exemplary results not experimental results. We believe in sustainable eating, consuming and living. We believe in giving the best service and best advice and educating our customers. We like to be inspired and motivated to be our best selves and trust in our highest nature and it doesn't get higher than certified organic, food that is literally out of this world. All this starts with healthy choices both literally and figuratively. That's why we choose to be SuperNatural. We hope you will too. We're here and we're at your service. Discover your highest nature.