About Us


Every Saturday between 9.00 a.m and 3.30pm The SuperNatural Food Market http://www.supernatural.ie/about/ an organic food market for artisan and gourmet food producers sets up and sets down.

For over 25 years now St Andrew's Resource Centre on Pearse St has been a hub for organic food producers and consumers. All the best that our best resource and wonderful agricultural land can offer.

Irish organic vegetable and fruit farmers, organic bakers and butchers, clean, fresh North-West Atlantic fish directly from the fishermen, the health and wholefoods shop with all its products for a chemical and toxin free home and life, speciality foods and regional delights from our neighbouring European countries and fairtrade with our global communities who depend on the fair, sustainble production and export of their native products such as crops, honey or coffee, to protect and develop their communites, societies and future.  

We are Dublin's best market for: Organic groceries, organic vegetables, organic and raw cheeses, organic meats, fresh fish, organic breads, fermented foods, foraged foods, superfoods, chemical free beauty, eco household cleaners and much, much more....

It's not just top quality food and products on offer. The market also nutures a relaxing blend of community ambience with top, personal service. 

We promote the connection between planet, plate & people (& salvation from the city’s multiplying ‘convenience’ shops).

The market is a one stop shop with SuperNatural’s own label, organic, wholefoods & healthfoods as well as everything you need! Your health is our business. And our beautiful earth and the people who live in it is everyone’s business. Be the change you want to see in the world.