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Clipper's natural, fairtrade and delicious teas are refreshing, therapeutic ingredients in unbleached teabags. There is nothing artificial in these highest quality sourced, great tasting infusions. Drink alone or mix with other teabag flavours!

  • Light & Distinctive
  • Caffeine Free
  • Thirst Quenching
  • Fresh Green Taste
  • Relieves Menopausal Symptons
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Relieves Hypertension
  • Improves Kindey Function
  • Purifies Skin
  • Aids Respitory Problems
  • Smoothes Cough & Colds

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What Is? 

Urtica dioica, often called common nettle or stinging nettle is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant, native to Europe, Asia, northern Africa, and western North America and is a wild food used for soups, teas, salads and deconcoctions. 

Food as Medicine:

The nutrition and health benefits of nettles as an organic food remedy is excellent for allergy symptoms especially hayfever and inflammation. 

Free From: 

GMO, Dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten, nuts, soya, palm oils, hydrogenated oils, emulsifiers, presevatives, additives, added and mixed sugars, refined sugar, inverse syrups, salt. 

Diet Type Suitability: 

Vegan, vegetarian, sports and high enregy requirements, high fibre, menopause and beauty diet, recovery and rehabilitation diet, allergy free (dairy, gluten/wheat/nuts) diet, diabetic diets, low GI, paleo, sugar free diet

Uses and Recipes:

Great With: 

Clipper Licorice / Vivani Dark Choc / Nairns Oatcakes 

Food Amusement: Interesting facts and Knowledge: 

Sometimes called "poorman's flax" due to it's fibre which was used up to 17th century for producing textiles and string. The nettle's leaf is full of small fragile hairs which are actully capsules! full of several liquid chemicals, including formic acid. While touching the leaf, a hair, sharp like a needle, gets into your skin, then breaks down, and liquid gets injected into your skin but it can be cured by rubbing the part with Rosemary, Mint or Sage leaves. 

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