Atlantic Aromatics Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil


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The cedar tree symbolies strength, rectitude and eternity. Burning it or its oil is used for healing, purification and protection. It promotes peaceful thoughts and helps in interpretation of messages from our inner selves. It is also wonderful for circulation, Hair growth & reducing loss, and is used as a base in many perfumes prized for its base notes of sultry but sprucey resin. A natural antiseptic it can oward off infections and clothes moths, ants and other house invaders hate it! 

  • 5ml 
  • Antifungal & Antibacterial
  • Purifies Spaces 
  • Protects Spaces & People Where Used
  • Thunder Energy 
  • Attracts Good Spirits & Removes Negative Influences
  • Soothes Skin & Irritation, Inflammation, Redness & Itchiness
  • Mix with Carrier Oil for Bosily application 
  • Burn in Burner or add to hot wax of candle 
  • Add Drops to Bath
  • Use to Clean Wardrobes or Areas with Unwanted Insects
  • Super Blended with Lemongrass or Experiment Yourself!

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