Organic Basmati Rice Brown

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Basmati rice is not just rice. It is a gluten free, low fat SuperNatural, Super healthy food. It contains all eight essential amino acids, folic acid and is light and fluffy with a distinctive tasty, nutty flavour. Prized in Indian cooking. In Ayurveda basmati rice is the king of all rices. Basmati is sattvic (pure) it balances all three doshas; it is nourishing for the body tissues; and it is easy to digest. Aged basmati rice has an aroma and flavor arguably the best in the world. 

  • Organic
  • Nothing Added, Nothing Subtracted
  • Aromatic 
  • Fluffy, Chewy Texture
  • Natural Nutty Flavor
  • Contails all of the Bran and Germ Which Keeps the Fibre and Micro Nutrients Intact 

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Organic Basmati Rice Brown €3.50 - €5.40
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What Is? 

Food as Medicine:

The nutrition and health benefits of ......... as an organic food remedy is excellent/good/useful/best utilised as/for 

Free From: 

GMO, Dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten, nuts, soya, palm oils, hydrogenated oils, emulsifiers, presevatives, additives, added and mixed sugars, refined sugar, inverse syrups, salt. 

Diet Type Suitability: 

Vegan, vegetarian, sports and high enrgy requirements, high fibre, menopause and beauty diet, recovery and rehabilitation diet, allergy free (dairy, gluten/wheat/nuts) diet, diabetic diets, low GI, paleo, sugar free diet

Uses and Recipes:

Great With: 

Food Amusement: Interesting facts and Knowledge: 

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